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02 April 2012 @ 10:26 pm
Love of A Lifetime Chapter 1  
Title: Love of a Lifetime
Length: 1 / 20
Rating: for this one..R later on will be NC17
Pairing: YunJae, did you expect anything else?
Genre: Romance, Angst, Bit of Fluff....and did I mention ANGST?!
Disclaimer: Don't own DBSK and don't own Jazz, the manga this story was based on.

Warnings: Some Non consensual non descriptive sex....really non descriptive.

Summary: (Based on the manga Jazz) Doctor Kim Jaejoong is called into work late one night to see a new patient, one rich boy Jung Yunho. How will he deal with Yunho's blossoming obsession with him?

Note: Umm nothing much, short chapter, story will definitely have 20 chapters and other stories will be updated...as soon as they are written?

            ‘Raging fire is awfully frightening but, to my cold body, it’s extremely attractive.’ ~Doctor Kim Jaejoong

            Yunho stared at the post office box, clutching the letter in his hand tighter. Sighing, he finally made his choice, quickly dropping it into the outgoing slot before he could change his mind. ‘Several weeks have passed since that night.’ He thought sadly, leaning his head against the top of the box. ‘In no time a month has flown by.’

            Meanwhile at the hospital where Dr. Kim Jaejoong worked, everyone was getting ready to call it a night.

            “See you tomorrow Dr. Kim!” the nurses chirped, waving to their favourite doctor.

            “Bye.” Jaejoong waved with a soft smile. “Thanks for the hard work today.”

            “Oh!” The nurse blushed, thinking how the doctor had such an angelic smile.

            Jaejoong turned around to begin packing up his bag when he heard it. His name.

“By the way, Jung-shii…” quickly snapping his head to the side, Jaejoong saw his nurses talking about the dark haired man. “I wonder how he is. I heard he got accepted by a university in Tokyo. But you haven’t heard from him have you Doctor Kim?”

            Snapping out of his thoughts, Jaejoong quickly tried to answer the question as naturally as possible. “No…I didn’t really have a personal relationship with him.”

            “You didn’t? Jung-shii seemed to like you so much though.” The nurse mused. “But I guess that’s how it is with patients. Once they get better, they don’t remember a think about us. They’re so cold hearted.

            ‘They forget once they get better, maybe that’s how it is.’ Jaejoong later thought as he was on his way home. ‘I was worried ever since that day. But I haven’t heard from him since, he moved to Tokyo and with the new school and new life he’s probably totally into that. An event that took place in a tiny town, it’s just a passing fever to be forgotten. If that’s the case…I should rest assured.’

            Jaejoong suddenly had an image flash through his mind of that night, Yunho, eyes wide, face flushed crying out those three words… “I LOVE YOU!”

            Clutching his trembling hands into fists, Jaejoong tried to stop the tremors and when that did not work, he hugged himself tightly. ‘He scares me…I don’t want to get involved.’

            Clutching his head in despair when the images would not disappear, Jaejoong furiously tried to shake them out, but to no avail. ‘Then why, do those words and that look…remain stuck in my memory?! I really…want to forget what happened.’

            So focused was he on ignoring the images and thoughts going through his mind, Jaejoong almost walked past his apartment building. Quickly walking into the lobby, he opened his mail box a little too quickly, causing letters to flutter all over the floor.

            “Oh no…looks like loads of junk mail.” Jaejoong mumbled, quickly picking up the fallen mail when he came to one letter that was different and stared at it in shocked horror. There, written neatly on the back, was the name of the sender. Jung Yunho.

*~*~*~*~*~*~ Few days later, Tokyo bullet train stop ~*~*~*~*~*

            Yunho stood impatiently waiting for the train, checking his watch every minute. They would not let him go down to the actual train; he had to wait behind the bars since he had not bought a ticket. Feeling eyes on him, he slowly turned around, eyes widening in shock. “Doc…” his voice could barely be heard above the hustle and bustle of the train station.

            “Don’t look so surprised.” Jaejoong ordered, unable to meet his eyes. “It’s you who asked me to come. Included the bullet train tickets in the letter too.”

            ‘Honestly... I didn’t want to come.’ Jaejoong thought to himself, still not meeting Yunho's eyes. ‘But someone like him, who’d drug me…, who knows what he’d do if I didn’t show up!’

            Yunho, noticing that Jaejoong would not meet his eyes, narrowed them. Walking over quickly, he grabbed Jaejoong’s bag out of his hand and grabbed his hand as well. “Let me carry that! This way!” he commanded.

            ‘So…forceful. As usual.” Jaejoong thought to himself as he was pulled along, hearing snippets of conversation around them.

            “Hey! Look at him…he’s cool isn’t he?” he heard someone mutter.

            Finally taking a good look at the man who he could not stop thinking about, Jaejoong could only stare at the differences. ‘Come to think of it, he changed a bit…? He’s gotten taller and more muscular too. I wonder if it’s because he recovered from the asthma?’ Jaejoong wondered. ‘It’s been only a few months but, he looks like a grown man.’

            “Doc?” Jaejoong snapped out of his thoughts, realizing that he had bumped into Yunho when he had stopped abruptly.

            ‘Why…why am I fascinated by him?!’ Jaejoong berated himself.

            “We’re here.” Yunho proclaimed.

            Looking up, Jaejoong gasped at the huge 20-story high super deluxe condo building. “It’s…it’s here?”

            Getting pulled by his hand that was still clutched in Yunho's own, Jaejoong could only stare in shock as he was pushed into one of the apartments and forced to sit down while Yunho pattered around the kitchen and finally set a cup of tea in front of him, waking him from his thoughts, again.

            “This place…must be expensive.” Jaejoong observed.

            “Not really.” Yunho replied, taking a seat on the sofa beside him. “I got a discount.”

            ‘I heard his family was wealthy, but didn’t expect this.’ Jaejoong thought in wonder, before tuning in to what Yunho was saying.

            “I’m the only one who has the key to this place. Here.” Holding out his hand, Yunho presented him with a key, leaning in closer as he finished speaking. “But, I really don’t mind giving one to you doc.”

            “It might be better to give the spare to someone in your family.” Jaejoong replied, leaning backwards and trying to stop worrying about what would happen if Yunho had another asthma attack.

            “Family?!” Jaejoong shrank back at the loud tone and the anger contorting Yunho's features. “Don’t be ridiculous! If I let my mother get a hold of it, she’d be here all the time. No thanks! Cause my dad isn’t interested in her, she takes out her frustration on me.”

            Yunho suddenly got off the couch and started pacing around the area behind it, all the while still ranting. “I finally got free of her. Why would I let nuisance in?”

            “What a thing to say…” Jaejoong murmured, finally easing from his defensive pose.

            “Hmm you mean cause she’s my mother?” Yunho asked in a condescending tone. “But I’m not into being a flasher. I certainly don’t want her to walk in the middle of that.”

            “In the middle of…huh?” Jaejoong questioned a look of utter confusion on his face, causing Yunho's eyes to widen in surprise.

            ‘In the middle of…?’ Jaejoong thought about what it could mean when suddenly an image of him and Yunho in the middle of a bed, Yunho's lips trailing down his chest as he repeatedly thrust into him causing his head to be thrown back and screams of pain mixed with pleasure to be emitted from his raw throat flashed through his mind. He felt a blush covering his cheeks at the images his mind was supplying. Looking up, he saw Yunho staring at him with a bemused smirk and a thoughtful expression, causing his blush to move down into his neck.

            “Doc…you’re…” he heard Yunho murmur.

            “What?” he asked when Yunho did not finish his sentence.

            “Well…I think you’re cute.” Yunho replied, he mouth pulling into a smirk. Jaejoong was shocked when a hand held his chin all of a sudden, Yunho's face moving closer to his own. Eyes wide with shock, he reacted the only way he could and slapped Yunho, causing him to let go and to move back.

            He tensed when he saw the narrow eyed look Yunho was giving him though, moving backwards as he began to speak. “Doc. Why turn away? You came! You gotta be willing to accept how I feel right?”

            “No!” Jaejoong yelled out, again moving backwards as far as he could go without falling off the sofa.

            ‘That’s not it!’ he thought in a panic, trying desperately to push away at Yunho's muscular body.

            “That’s not it? Then why?” Yunho asked in anger, watching as Jaejoong’s eyes began darting around in panic. A sudden thought occurred to him, causing his eyes to narrow in suspicion. “Let me guess what you’ve been thinking this past month doc.” He murmured softly, tone taking on the calm before the storm feeling. “You’ve been thinking that I must’ve moved on. I must’ve been able to forget you. You were relieved, thinking that way.”

            Jaejoong sat listening in a stunned, horrified silence as Yunho described his exact thoughts over the past month. He could do nothing but listen as Yunho continued. “It took a while to get used to the new life. Besides, I thought you might break if I pushed too hard.” He sat there, unable to move as Yunho gently placed a kiss on his forehead before leaning forward and hugging him tightly to his chest, his face buried in Jaejoong’s neck.

            “I’ve been thinking only about you doc.” Yunho continued, clutching even tighter at Jaejoong’s jacket below his fingers. He felt Jaejoong tense up, about to reject him.

            “J…Jung-shii—“any protest coming from Jaejoong was cut off when Yunho placed a finger against his lips, effectively silencing him.

            “Call me Yunho.” Yunho ordered softly before pulling Jaejoong up and into his bedroom then flinging him onto the bed. “I couldn’t wait for June to arrive and have you come and visit me in Tokyo. But I couldn’t wait that long.” Yunho informed as he began unbuttoning his own shirt and slowly stripping it off.

            Jaejoong could only sit there as Yunho gently began unbuttoning his shirt, trailing kisses down his chest on every new piece of exposed skin revealed.

            ‘This was going to happen.’ He thought as his shirt was pulled off and the kisses began to trail up his chest this time, moving towards his neck. ‘I knew it but—why me?’

            “I missed you, Doc.”

            ‘I couldn’t help flinging myself into the fire again.’

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Tokyo Clinic*~*~*~*~*~*~

            “Dr. Kim!” Looking around, Jaejoong spotted a fellow doctor calling out to him. “Have you got any plans for the weekend?”

            “I’ll be working.” Jaejoong replied, smiling softly.

            “Again?” the doctor asked in shock. “You’ve worked every weekend since you’ve come here. I know your salary is less than before at your old job but, why don’t we go out for a drink sometime? I know a good bar.”

            “Thanks but, maybe next time.” Jaejoong replied again smiling softly before excusing himself and walking away, getting lost in his thoughts.

            ‘I don’t like getting to know the others.’ He thought to himself. ‘Because I seem like a nice guy, people approach me. But soon enough they find out that…I’m empty inside.’

*~*~*~*~*Yunho's condo*~*~*~*~

            Pleasured moans filled the apartment, originating from the bedroom. Two figures lay on the bed, covered in sweat and recovering their breath slowly.

            “Yunho…” Jaejoong called out, after he had caught his breath. “Will you stop transferring money in?”

            “Why?” Yunho asked, looking at his partner who lay on his stomach on the bed, facing away from him, exhausted from the vigorous sex they had just had. “Aren’t you telling everyone you’re working to earn extra money? I’ll make sure to pay you what you would’ve earned. It’s because I’m your patient, you’re here to take care of me right?”

            “I never said that!” Jaejoong yelled in shock, quickly turning over to sit up so he could properly yell.

            “I’m sick.” Yunho interrupted him. “I must be…sick. When I’m with you, my chest hurts and it’s hard to breathe. It’s…unbearable!” Yunho explained, pulling Jaejoong tightly into his arms.

            “Yunho…” Jaejoong attempted to say but was interrupted by Yunho yet again.

            “But my symptoms disappear when I’m with you doc. When you’re not in sight I become unbearably anxious. My chest hurts and I can’t breathe!” Yunho leaned over him, whispering into his ear now.

            “Yunho…” Jaejoong tried again but was cut off by Yunho gently pressing his lips against his own, very gently in an almost nonexistent kiss.

            “Give me the special medicine.” Yunho begged. “Aren’t you my doctor? Kiss me, doc.”

            “Yunho…” leaning up, Jaejoong brushed his lips against Yunho's who quickly took over the kiss and deepened it,  forcing Jaejoong to close his eyes as a moan escaped him.

            ‘I’m sucked in. By his zeal. By his passion. I’m scared and nervous. I can’t understand, I don’t understand the ‘love’ he speaks of.’ Jaejoong thought to himself as he felt Yunho turn him over and enter his already stretched hole again. ‘The only thing I understand is that this flame of his…is extremely warm.’ Jaejoong’s eyes involuntarily closed as he felt pleasure wrack his body.

            He could only nod to Yunho's request as he felt darkness embrace him.

            “Doc, let me come inside you. If I can’t, I’ll go insane.”

For those a bit confused, Jaejoong's transfer mentioned in the last part was to a Tokyo clinic, that's the scene with the other doctor. Hope you enjoyed and dont forget to tell me what you think!

Also, add me on Twitter, if even one person does I'll start tweeting what I'm updating and what I'm working on at the moment. And you might get some spoilers *wink*

Twitter: @NoorAshir

See you there!!

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jun_4_everjun_4_ever on April 3rd, 2012 05:48 am (UTC)
I can see why you would think that and yes he is confused but Jae feels empty inside and doesn't understand the fact that Yunho loves him. Also he was scared when he went to the condo, Yunho drugged and raped him last time then sends him a letter with a train ticket. He does not know what someone who raped him will do if he refuses to show up. It's mostly fear that he shows up that develops into curiosity.