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New story: Lonely Veiled Prince Character profiles

Title: The Lonely Veiled Prince
Chapters...No idea
Pairings: YunJae, YooSu, ChangTa, Rain x EunHye, Rain x Tiffany, JongKook x ChaeYeon
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Genre: Bit  lots of angst, romance later on
Summary: Jaejoong, one of the princes of the southern kingdom, is forced to hide his face behind a veil because his stepmother is jealous of his beauty. Yunho, one of the princes of the northern kingdom, happens to see him without a veil and falls in love with him. Jaejoong thinks he is just using him however. Can Yunho prove his worth, ease Jaejoong's lonelyness as well as rescue him from the clutchs of his step mother?

Warnings: Crossdressing is normal at parties and wedding in this story. Like MAJORLY normal.

Note: Hey everyone. So this story has been floating my hard drive for over a year now and just begged to be written. I know I have a bunch of ongoing fics but I blame YunJae. Besides, this story made me look at wedding dresses. Pretty wedding dresses. So sue me (dont really, I'm just a poor uni student who is barely making ends meet.)

The southern kingdom

First Prince Jaejoong:

Yes I know its photoshopped and yes I know he looks like a girl. Read the warning for the story people.

Jaejoong is the first song of King Rain and Queen Eun Hye. His stepmother, jealous of his beauty, forces him to wear a veil wherever he goes. He does not protest it because he promised his mother that he would look after his father after her death and make sure his appa was happy. Most of the public say that he must have been facially scarred as a child and the palace is trying to just hide it. Only his brothers, his father and later Yunho and his brothers know what he truly looks like.

Second Prince Junsu

Second prince of the kingdom, Junsu is cheerful, fun loving and HATES his stepmother. He along with Keita always try to get Jaejoong to go without a veil but are always shot down by their older brother. He is fiercly overprotective of Keita and Jaejoong because he sees them as his one last true connection to his mother. Junsu at times hates his father for remarrying because his stepmother always picks on Jaejoong, causing Junsu to contemplate several ways of killing or torturing her at times, including gouging her eyes out with a toothpick.

Third Prince Keita

Keita loves his older brothers to death even if they are annoyingly overprotective of him like Junsu or sickingly passive when it comes to themselves like Jaejoong. Keita knows they worry about him because he never cries. He sees it as his mother's last wish of him and so has never cried, even at her funeral. Keita loves a good prank and makes sure that the target of them is almost always his stepmother or someone who dares to harm his two brothers.

King Rain

Rain loves his sons to death and back. He never wanted to remarry but his wife made him promise to not stay single after her death. He doesn't approve of what his new wife is doing to Jaejoong but lets her get away with it. He however always goes behind her back and showcases Jaejoong's beauty by making him wear revealing and beautiful dresses at the parties and gatherings that happen in the palace.

Queen Eun Hye (deceased)

EunHye is the mother of the three boys, she died of an unknown ailment Before dying, she wanted to make sure that her family did not spend the rest of their lives greiving for her and made them promise to be happy and live freely.

Queen Tiffany

Tiffany is the the stepmother of the three princes. She has a particular hatred for Prince Jaejoong because she sees him as being prettier then her. She forces him to wear a veil at all public gatherings and is always fighting with her husband when he makes Jaejoong wear revealing clothing that shows off his beauty. She constanly gets into fights with Keita and Junsu who try to stand up to their brother and is always the target of Keita's pranks. Since she can't prove that Keita was the one who pranked her however, he always gets away with it.

The Northern Kingdom

First Prince Yunho

Yunho and his brothers were sent to the southern kingdom to find potential brides to spend their lives with. He is instantly intrigued by Jaejoong at their welcoming party because he sees Jaejoong is beautiful and cannot understand why he wears a veil. Due to an accident, he sees Jaejoong without his veil and instantly falls in love with him. He spends half the story trying to win Jaejoong's heart and the other half trying to stop himself from jumping him.

Second Prince Yoochun

Yoochun is the middle brother who Yunho and Changmin go to when they have problems. He finds Junsu to be very interesting and is instantly enamoured by him. He gets along very well with Jaejoong, much to the dismay of Yunho whom Jaejoong barely gives the time of day to. He is often the voice of reason between the couples because he always keeps a cool head. Except when he and Junsu are together, then they both act like goof balls.

Third Prince Changmin

Changmin is the spoiled third prince. He looks up to his elder brothers though and is the smartest intellecually out of them. He enjoys being with Keita when he sees how much of spitfire the younger boy is and shares his amazing love for pranks. He is a mommy's boy through and through and loves eating more then anything else.

King Jong Kook

Jong Kook is a kind and benevolent king as well as a caring husband and father. He was the one who suggested the marriage of his sons to the sons of the southern kingdom. He tends to take his sons-in-laws sides over his own sons though, much to their displeasure.

Queen Chae Yeon

Chae Yeon loves her three sons and husband more than her life. She is especially caring on Changmin, feels that Yunho takes life too seiously and that Yoochun needs to get out more often. She sincerely hopes that through marriage, their partners can change them for the better.

So these are the character profiles and I will post the prolouge up in a sec. IMPORTANT NOTICE THOUGH! Due to their new rules, I have decided to discontinue posting to hug. I have no plans of making my journal public and as I have said, if you want me to add you just drop a comment. Not that hard. I am still getting people adding me who haven't commented and I JUST IGNORE THOSE EMAILS! That also does not mean send me a PM, that just tells me that you cannot read simple instructions so I have no idea how you plan on reading my stories. Commenting only takes a sec, its not that hard!

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