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03 April 2012 @ 12:33 am
Lonely Veiled Prince Chapter 1  
Title: The Lonely Veiled Prince
Chapters: 1/god only knows
Pairings: YunJae, YooSu, ChangTa, Rain x EunHye, Rain x Tiffany, JongKook x ChaeYeon
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Genre: Bit  lots of angst, romance later on
Summary: Jaejoong, one of the princes of the southern kingdom, is forced to hide his face behind a veil because his stepmother is jealous of his beauty. Yunho, one of the princes of the northern kingdom, happens to see him without a veil and falls in love with him. Jaejoong thinks he is just using him however. Can Yunho prove his worth, ease Jaejoong's loneliness as well as rescue him from the clutches of his step mother?

Warnings: Cross-dressing is normal at parties and wedding in this story. Like MAJORLY normal

*~Ten years later*~


            The southern kingdom had not changed much. It was still a calm and beautifully peaceful country to live. After the death of the Queen, King Rain had remarried. His new wife, Queen Tiffany, wasn’t hated or liked within the kingdom per se. People simply did not acknowledge her as their Queen as most of them loved their departed one.


            The princes had all grown up nicely and were very well liked by the people on the other hand. Keita, now 18, was no less of a prankster then he used to be ten years ago. The King and his brothers were extremely overprotective of him though because they had never seen him shed a tear. At his mothers funeral, he had simply sat there, staring as his mothers casket was lowered into the ground and simply watching, face blank. (AN. I’m sorry for any inaccuracies here, I personally am Muslim and we have a different way of burying out dead so all this funeral stuff is based off of random books that I have read.)


            Junsu was known for his unique laughter that could brighten a room instantly. He was also the most overprotective over Keita, though occasionally he was his partner in crime. Both Princes were known to harbor extreme dislike, bordering on hate, for their stepmother.


            Jaejoong on the other hand, not much was known about him. Sure, people knew that he was extremely overprotective of Keita and Junsu and their father, but that was all. He was rarely seen at social gatherings and when he was, his face was always hidden by a veil. People always assumed that he must have suffered a horrible accident after his mothers death that caused his face to be permanently disfigured and in need of hiding. Other speculated that he had such an ugly face compared to his brothers that he was forever ashamed of it and forced to hide it. If only they knew the truth.


            The reason Keita and Junsu disliked Tiffany so much was because after she had become Queen, she had forced Jaejoong to wear a veil whenever he went out in public. He was only allowed to be without one around people who knew what he truly looked like. The list was limited to Junsu, Keita, the King and her. The two brothers knew that she had ordered it because she was jealous of his beauty but Jaejoong, not wanting to cause problems for his father, had agreed. King Rain had argued and tried to get his son to stop wearing it but Jaejoong simply argued that it wasn’t something to worry about, as long as the new Queen was happy.


            Today however, no matter how much Tiffany tries to prevent it, one other person will find out what Jaejoong looks like and will help him break free of the cage his stepmother put him in. Today, the three sons of the northern kingdom were coming for a visit. The King of the northern kingdom, King Jong Kook, was very good friends with King Rain. His wife and Queen Eun Hye had been the best of friends as well. The northern royalty wanted an even closer tie with the southern royal family and wanted to send their princes down to see if even one of them could find one of the princes attractive enough to form a marriage contract with. For the southern kingdom, this meant that it was a feast night at the palace.


             Jaejoong stepped out of the bathroom freshly showered and heard someone knocking on the door. He bid them to enter while he sat in front of his mirror brushing his hair. Turning when he heard the door open, he smiled when he saw both his brothers entering the room.


            “Hyung!” Junsu exclaimed, walking in first.


            “Hey Suie, Keita. What’s going on?” Jaejoong wondered. It was rare that they came to his room this excited.


            “Hey Jae-hyung, Appa wanted us to give you this dress, he said that you have to wear it today.” Keita explained, setting the said dress on the bed.


            “Dress?” Jaejoong questioned. It was rare that any of them had to wear a dress for a social gathering. Usually custom had it for the royal family men to wear dresses when they were being considered for marriage. Jaejoong had been pretty certain that he would not even be showing up tonight much less being considered. He knew the hate his stepmother harbored for him and the fact that she would never allow him to be married off especially to the North, their most powerful ally.


            Looking over at the dress, Jaejoong gasped in awe. The dress was a beautiful beige color and looked very high class as well as revealing. Surely his stepmother had NOT approved this!


            “Hyung put it on!” Junsu begged.


            Unable to resist his brother’s pleading, Jaejoong agreed, going over and picking the dress up, walking into the bathroom to put it on. A couple of minutes later he stepped out, and blushed at the gasps from his brothers. The dress was a halter top dress showcasing Jaejoong’s pale shoulders perfectly.  It had five silky ribbons around the waist, outlining Jaejoong’s feminine waistline and ending with a bow above his left leg, where the dress was slit all the way down to show Jaejoong’s leg however he moved.


            “Hyung you look…” Junsu tried to say.


            “Amazing!” Keita finished for him.


            “Yah, stop staring!” Jaejoong blushed. “Besides, I doubt that I will be allowed to wear this, considering how much skin it’s showing. Tiffany-shii would not allow this.”


            Junsu’s and Keita’s eyes darkened with rage when they heard the new Queen’s name. “She can’t protest.” Keita stated matter of factly. “Father was the one who picked it out.”


            Before Jaejoong could reply, there came another knock on the door. Hurrying over to his dresser, Jaejoong rummaged in a drawer pulling out a beige colored veil to match the dress and hurriedly tying it around his head before telling the person who was knocking to come in. One of the palace servants, Dong Wook, entered the room, head bowed.


            “Your Highnesses, the King is requesting your presence in the throne room. He also requests that you all be wearing your evening dresses that he has sent you.” He relayed the message.


            “Thank you Dong Wook-shii, could you please tell him that we will be there in about ten minutes?” Jaejoong requested.


            “Of course.” Dong Wook replied, bowing himself out of the room.


            “Now you two,” Jaejoong addressed his brothers. “Appa is expecting us in ten minutes so you need to go get ready, alright?”


            After shooing his brothers out, Jaejoong sat at his dresser again and began styling his shoulder blade length hair into a simple knot that trailed down his back. Readjusting his veil, he deemed himself presentable enough before getting up and moving towards the throne room. Walking up to the entrance of the room, he paused as he saw both of his brothers waiting outside for him, they two wearing the dresses that their father had commissioned for them.


            Keita was wearing a turquoise blue floor length sleeveless dress that had two straps wrapping around his left shoulder, one of the straps crossing his shoulder. Junsu was in a red floor length, halter style dress that had a belt of jewels and sequins around his midsection that outlined his upper chest. Both had their hair up in a simple style, not having had enough time to properly do it up in a complicated one.  (A/N: I know that I went into more detail about Jaejoong but please remember, this is a YunJae story first and foremost, so while you may want more emphasis on the other two couples, I won’t be going to WAY too much detail about them.)


            “You both look gorgeous; those princes won’t know what hit them.” Jaejoong complimented.


*~*With said princes however…*~*


            Inside a carriage carrying the three Northern Princes towards the Southern Land’s palace, said three princes were arguing. Actually, it was more like two were arguing while the third was trying desperately to ignore them.


            “What the heck is the point of us going there? Appa actually expects us to magically go there and fall in love with one of the princes?” Yoochun, second oldest Prince, said in an annoyed tone.


            “Appa never said that Yoochun.” Yunho, the eldest, replied in a way that said they had been through this SEVERAL times.


            “That’s right hyung,” Changmin, the youngest of the three, finally looked up from his book and joined into their conversation. “We are just to go there and if we happen to like one of the princes then great, if not then no harm, no foul.”


            “Exactly Chun, besides, think of it as just a party, you love those.” Yunho appeased him.


            They wrapped up their conversation just as the carriage stopped and there was a knock on the door with the drivers voice telling them, “Your highnesses, we have arrived at the southern kingdom’s palace. The King and Queen are awaiting you in their throne room.”


            “Well, guess we have nothing to lose.” Yoochun announced before opening the door and letting Yunho step out first before following him out.


*~*With Jae, Su and Ta…*~*


            They opened the door to the throne room, Jaejoong stepping in first followed by Junsu then Keita. Stepping up to the thrones, they saw that only Tiffany was there. Seeing her there put a frown on both Junsu and Keita’s faces but nonetheless, they all gave a small bow though for Keita and Junsu, it was more of a head tilt then a bow. “The King requested our presence, is he here?” Keita questioned in an icy tone.


            “He will be here in just a moment.” Tiffany snapped back, irritated at their lack of respect for her. She was the Queen dammit, and they HAD TO respect her! Turing to look to their brother, the bane of her existence, she gasped in shock at what he was wearing. How DARE he! She had ordered him to wear a veil to hide the fact that he was more beautiful then HER and now he goes and wears a dress of such a high class! “You there!” She pointed at Jaejoong. “That is not the dress I picked out for you! Why are you disobeying me, go take off that dress now and put on the dress I ordered!”


            Before Jaejoong could explain that his father had ordered this dress, or Junsu bite her head off or Keita bitch slap her, another voice interrupted them. “I ordered that dress for him. You look wonderful Jaejoong.” Rain came into the throne room, shooting a frigid glare at his wife.


            “Darling,” she sweetened her voice, unknowingly making all four men in the room gag. “I picked out a wonderful dress for him—“


            She was cut off curtly by Rain. “I don’t care; I want him to wear that one. I will permit you to keep making him wear the veil but no more will he be forced to wear those atrocities that you call clothing that you pick for him!” Turning to his boys, he surveyed each of them, smiling at what he found. “You all look beautiful.”


            “Thank you father.” He received three replies back.


            “Well the princes should be arriving here any minute now; you guys go finish getting ready and come back for the ball. Jaejoong, don’t even think about changing that dress, you look wonderful in it!” Rain ordered, knowing that his son would try to appease his wife, not wanting to cause problems for Rain.


            Smiling shyly, Jaejoong stepped up to the throne and hugged his father, whispering in his ear. “I love you Appa.”


            “I love you too. Now go finish getting ready and have fun tonight, alright?” Rain hugged him back, smiling softly, ignoring the glare that Tiffany was aiming their way.


            Pulling back, Jaejoong nodded before bowing again then leading his younger brothers out of the room. Rain sat at his throne, still ignoring his wife when a servant came into the room, bowing low and announcing that the Northern princes had arrived.


            After directing the princes to their rooms, Rain and Tiffany retired to their rooms for a bit in order to change and finish getting ready. About an hour after the princes had arrived, the ball officially began.


            Royal, aristocracy and high class members of all four kingdoms flooded into the ballroom, all dancing, laughing, mingling and praising the three princes. Everyone was called to attention however when Rain began to address the crowd, calling their attention towards him.


            “Please help me welcome my wonderful sons, the three princes of the southern kingdom!” he requested.


            From a staircase that circled one of the walls of the ballroom, the three princes descended, Jaejoong in the lead. Walking down, he tried to ignore the whispers of the people gathered who saw his veil and wondered about the story behind it while the Southern natives hurriedly filled them in on horrific stories of how horribly disfigured he was that he had to constantly wear a veil. His two brothers tried desperately to rein in their tempers and not yell at all the inconsiderate gossips in the room.


            Once they reached the bottom of the steps, everyone resumed dancing and talking again. Yunho on the other hand, was conferring with his brothers. “Why do you think he wear a veil?” he asked his brothers.


            “Who?” Changmin asked, eyes drawn to the vision in turquoise trailing down the last few steps.


            “I’m guessing the eldest Prince.” Yoochun answered him, trying to not look at the red robed figure that had caught his eyes.


            “Oh, maybe you should go ask him.” Changmin advised, before going over to the youngest Prince to ask him for a dance.


            “Maybe…” Yunho trailed off, deciding to take Changmin’s advice and walking over to Jaejoong, leaving Yoochun alone to decide what to do about his new…fascination.


            Jaejoong was listening to his brothers talking about their next planned prank when he felt like someone was watching him. Looking around, his eyes fell on one of the princes of the North. He held in a gasp as he took in the Prince. The Prince was a head taller then him, wearing his official clothing in the color black. His hair was tied back at the base of his neck and his eyes were firmly fixed on Jaejoong’s form. Jaejoong startled when the Prince started walking towards him, eyes never leaving his own.


            Jaejoong broke eye contact, turning to his brothers, internally berating himself for even considering the Prince was noticing him. He was so lost in thought that he startled when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Turing around quickly, he blushed when he saw the Prince standing right behind him, an easy smile on his face.


            “May I have this dance?” Yunho requested.


            Jaejoong felt his cheeks tinge red underneath his veil. Glancing over Yunho’s shoulder, he spotted his step mother glaring daggers at him, daring him to accept. Looking to her right, he saw his father smiling softly, giving him a small ‘go on’ nod. Knowing that it would be impolite to decline, Jaejoong nodded and placed his hand into Yunho’s much larger, rougher one.


            He was pulled onto the dance floor, where Yunho began to lead him through the steps of a waltz. (I DO NOT know a thing about dancing…) “So,” Yunho started talking, distracting Jaejoong from looking at his chest and making him meet his eyes. “You must be Prince Jaejoong.”


            “Yes, I am.” Jaejoong replied softly, wondering where this line of questioning was going. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Yunho’s two brothers corner his two brothers before they lead them to the dance floor as well.


            “Well I was just wondering,” Yunho replied, before twirling Jaejoong then pulling him, hugging him to his chest this time and leaning down so that his next words were whispered into Jaejoong’s ear. “Why is it that you hide your face? Judging by the rest of your body, your face could only be beautiful, so why hide it?”


            “Prince Yunho,” Jaejoong murmured sweetly, noticing that the song was seconds away from ending. “That really is none of your damned business, you can take your curiosity and keep it because why I hide my face is of no concern to you.” Jaejoong replied frostily before angrily stomping on Yunhos foot and pushing away from him, walking off into one of the side balconies to try to calm himself down.


            ‘No one had a right to ask me that. I had my reasons, what did that arrogant, self-centered, hot, sexy…wow so not where your mind is supposed to be Jaejoong! He had no right to ask you that, the ass…and what a hot—NO DAMMIT!’ shaking his head, Jaejoong frantically tried to get those thoughts out of his mind. He leaned over the railing, staring down into the forest beneath, trying to clear his thoughts.


            So concentrated was he on not listening to his traitorous mind that he didn’t hear the sound of high heels coming up behind him. He suddenly felt a hand on the middle of his back, and before he could think to turn around and see who it was, he felt it shove him, causing him to lose his balance and topple of the edge of the railing. He felt himself falling, the wind rushing past his ears and the tree line getting closer and closer. Before he fell into the trees, he felt blackness entering his vision, embracing him into the sweet oblivion.


*~*~*~*~Back to Yunho, Jae just left*~*~*~*~*~


            Yunho stared in stunned silence as he watched the black haired male walk away before smirking slightly. ‘So he is feisty…this kingdom just a lot more interesting.’


            Deciding to follow him, Yunho walked onto the balcony but could not find anyone. Looking over the edge, he saw Jaejoong’s body falling into the tree line and could barely make out his eyes closing as he continued to fall. Eyes widening in shock, Yunho knew he had a split second decision to make.


            He quickly put both hands on the balcony railing and vaulted himself up and over, freefalling into the trees. Passing the tree line, he did a series of flip taught to him during sword practice to slow his fall. He landed on bended knee beside the still figure of Jaejoong laying face down on the ground.


            Quickly turning him over to see if he was alright, Yunho gasped in shock and stared at the face before him. A face with no veil covering it. Pale, creamy skin. Midnight black eyelashes, laying in perfect crescent moons on high cheekbones. Full red, luscious looking lips. Small nose, perfectly accenting the perfect face.


            All Yunho could do was stare for a full minute before snapping himself out of his daze. Quickly looking around, he found the missing veil having fluttered a bit away from the pull of gravity. Walking over quickly, he picked it up and walked back to the fallen Prince. He didn’t have the heart to cover up the beauty of the male before him so instead left his face obstruction free and bent down to lift him up.


            Putting one arm beneath his knees and the other supporting his neck, he gently lifted him up and began walking back to the castle. The entire way back, he could not take his eyes off the ethereal beauty in his arms.


            Nearing the castle door, he sadly put the veil back on, promising himself that he would get to see the Prince without a veil again, this time with him wide awake.


            Asking directions from one of the guards, he quickly located the Prince’s room. Walking in, he only looked around enough to find the bed, which he gently placed him on before laying a soft kiss to his forehead and walking out with one last glance back.


            A few hours later, Jaejoong woke up to a silent room. He groggily got up, wondering how he got back. Last he remembered he was at the party then walking out onto the balcony, irritated beyond belief at that arrogant Prince.


            ‘Oh man, I hope I am not in too much trouble. First I insult the Prince from a neighboring kingdom then I leave the party early. Tiffany is going to kill me.’ Jaejoong decided to take a bath, hoping it might ease his, for some unknown reason, aching body.


            Gathering his bathing supplied, Jaejoong quickly set the tub to start filling while he undressed. Once the tub was sufficiently full, he added some scented oils to the water, filling the bathroom with floral scents, before stepping inside and sighing in bliss.


            He was so caught up in his bath that he did not hear the door to his bedroom open.


            Half an hour later, when the water had cooled down to the point that he would catch cold if he stayed in any longer, he finally got out, taking his time to wrap a towel around himself, unknowing of the person waiting for him outside.


            Finally covered and his hair patted down from excess water, Jaejoong stepped out into his room, brushing his hair as he walked.


            “Hello your Highness.”


            Letting out an undignified squeak, Jaejoong whirled around to see Prince Yunho sitting on his bed, as if he had every right to be there. In his hand was a translucent pale green cloth. He saw Yunho eyeing his towel wrapped body and cursed himself for not taking clothes with him into the washroom.


            It was then that he realized with horror what the cloth in Yunho’s hand was. It was his veil from the party. His veil that he wasn’t wearing right now. Meaning his face was on full display as well as nearly all his body.


            For a Prince from a neighboring kingdom, who had come to possibly marry him. A Prince who was eying him like a piece of cake. A very, very delicious cake.


            Jaejoong gulped in fear.

So this has been sitting in my hard drive for about a year and I just remembered it and was like ok why not. And I know my writing style has changed (I think) so this is a before the change written chapter. No idea when the next one will be out, considering it's going to be a smutty one XD Look forward to it!

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I'm glad you thought so dear!

Lol alright, if you have twitter then you can be up to date on the updates to all my fics as it's sort of my mailing list to people who want to know what I'm working on and how soon the update will be as well as when I update.

I'm glad I managed to update this too, now I have to update love that transcends time....when I finish my first batch of exams XD
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